Friday, January 27, 2012

Update On My Update/ I Love Erin!


So yesterday was very important in that Erin, who did an intern stint with me back in 2010, came over.  She has agreed to take on some work to help me finish all my ordered dresses on a commission basis.  It's like having an employee.  She is still in school finishing up her Marketing and Fashion Designs degrees, so I am lucky that she is fitting me in to her schedule.  It seems we always have the perfect timing for each other!

What I love about Erin is that she went back to school to pursue her dreams.  I love living vicariously through her since there is no way I can go to DAAP (the awesome design school here in Cincinnati) because I'll never have the time to do so.  I would love to take the classes there to learn new skills and perfect my current ones, but I will have to stick with my books and online resources.

I also love how well Erin and I work together and am looking forward to our future sewing connection!

So, currently I am working on the nine dresses that will be heading to Ontario.  I am really excited about how they are turning out - I'll post a picture when one is perfectly complete.  Also I have two more orders for dresses and 13 possible orders!  Things are going great.  My sales are more than half of what they were for the entire year last year and January is not even over.

This is all great, but I admit that I have a tinge of remorse in that I do not have time to pursue my projects to further my journey toward Project Runway.  I believe that this year the application process will start soon, but it is not the year for me.  But who knows how long the show will continue?  Will I be too late?  I must set a goal.  I will apply next spring.  I will do my projects between orders.

There you have it!

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